About Us

Who we are
Established in 1986 Strata Testing Services Pty Ltd is an independent geotechnical laboratory specializing in rock mechanics testing to the mining exploration and civil construction industries. Located in Wollongong NSW our facility is state of the art and complies with all standards and calibrations.


Importance of our Service
We believe in house laboratory testing is the only direct way to determine the mechanical properties of rock.
Accurate analysis can help with exploration, drilling and completing your final design.


Our Expertise
The key to Strata Testing Services quality lies in the experience, dedication and training of its staff. The company consists of 7 technicians lead by experienced technicians and management.


Our Quality Promise
Rock testing is the only area we focus on. Our specialization and years of experience allow us to achieve the highest quality results and swift turn around.
– All testing follows the latest standards and requirements.
– A strong system is in place to ensure all calibration records are kept up to date.
– An extensive training program and constant supervision as required by NATA
– New machines that control load rates, confining pressures, and cyclic loading unloads.
– Custom made software to eliminate any human error.
– STRequest to solve errors in registration.